Craft a professional influencer media kit

Reel in new brand collaborations with a comprehensive influencer portfolio that automatically updates crucial metrics from Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Designed to help you impress without the fuss

A media kit acts as your influencer resume, showcasing the highlights of your influencer career and giving brands all the info they need before partnering up with you. HAFI helps you show off your best side with a customizable creator media kit that’ll fast-track your journey to landing dream collabs.

Illustrate your value as an influencer

Easily generate a thorough influencer media kit to spotlight your achievements, talents, and value to brands. Simply provide your bio, contact details, and rates, and we’ll incorporate all relevant statistics and metrics to create one cohesive package.

Illustrate your value as an influencer

Leave the updates to us

As your social media accounts grow, so will your metrics – but keeping them updated shouldn’t be a hassle. We’ll automatically update the statistics in your influencer media kit to accurately reflect your performance and ensure brands stay impressed.

Leave the updates to us

Make it your own with customization

Have something specific you want to share? Customize your analytics, links, and social media kit cover to tailor it to your brand and allow your uniqueness to shine through.

Make it your own with customization

Create several media kits for any occasion

Every brand has different priorities, so you may want to show off various aspects of yourself with each brand pitch. Easily generate multiple versions of your creator media kit to keep on hand and make reaching out simple.

Create several media kits for any occasion

Customization Features

Discover how our platform can help your media kit stand out.

About yourself section in media kit

About yourself

Our kit creator automatically pulls data from your bio and inserts it in the "About me" section, but feel free to add more details about yourself and your interests.

Contact details section in media kit

Contact details

Create a custom link for your social media kit. Provide your phone number and email address so companies can reach you.

Social media links section in media kit

Social media links

Your media kit may include your personal website or other social media channels where you have a noteworthy influence.

Your rates section in media kit

Your rates

Establish your pricing for various types of sponsored content. You may add a total of 5 content types together with rates.

Your collaborations section in media kit

Your collaborations

Showcase posts from past brand collaborations. Our media kit tool automatically inserts images into your kit, but you can remove or add images at any time.

Additional metrics section in media kit

Additional metrics

Boost your content creator media kit with audience demographics, your AQS, and a snapshot of your most engaging content.

HAFI Media Kit Quick Start Guide

What is an influencer media kit?

The Media Kit is a feature that helps influencers showcase their value to brands by compiling their best metrics, including follower count, engagement rate, and demographics. It also allows creators to show off past work and achievements, as well as provide information about their contact info and pricing. The main purpose of a media kit for influencers is to present important information in a clear, concise, and professional manner. It serves as a one-stop resource that showcases the key aspects and highlights of the subject to help others understand and engage with them more effectively. Creator media kits can be digital or physical, but in recent years, digital formats, such as PDFs or web pages, have become more prevalent due to their ease of distribution and accessibility.

How to create a media kit?

Creating a social media kit is easy - just select the social media influencer account you want to feature in the kit, provide your bio, contact information, and rates, and the platform will automatically compile your metrics into the template and create a personalized kit in line with the best practices.

What should be included in an influencer media kit?

An effective media kit gives brands more information than your average engagement rate and how many followers you have. It should include a short bio and introduction, where you describe in a few sentences who you are and what is your expertise. Businesses want to ensure they collaborate with content creators who align with their brand philosophy and garner significant knowledge in their niche.
Brand deals are one way to monetize your expertise or experience. Include your contact information in your creator media kit so companies can easily reach you. Most creators have a specific email address for business inquiries but you can add your phone number as well.

Companies want to learn more about your performance and followers. A social media kit generator like ours will automatically gather engagement data, such as average likes and comments, follower numbers, and ER. Apart from these, you can tailor-make your digital media kit with other social media metrics, including audience age, gender, geo and interests, top-performing content, notable followers, and your account quality score.

Building a media kit is not complete if you don’t feature some content samples and your past collaborations. Show businesses which of your social media posts generated the most likes or stood out visually.

Even if you’ve just gathered your first few thousand followers, you need to think of your pricing rates. Companies seek out nano- and micro-influencers increasingly for their relatable, fresh perspectives and affordable prices. Including your fees is a good reference point for businesses if they decide to work with you.

This is constant no matter what kind of influencer you are, from nano-influencer to micro-influencer to mega-influencer. All of this helps brands see if you’re a fit for their target audience.

What are the benefits of having a media kit?

Having a social media kit saves time and effort by providing brands with all the necessary information about your account and community in one place, making it easier for them to decide if they want to collaborate with you. It also gives them more insights than just the amount of followers you have, giving an in-depth glimpse into the statistics that matter. No matter if your primary social platform is Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, or a combination of all of them, a media kit can help to better convey your personal profile for collaborations.

How does having a media kit benefit influencers?

Influencer media kits are a crucial component of any Instagram influencer’s kit. Having a media kit benefits influencers by providing potential clients or partners with a clear and concise overview of their brand, reach, and audience demographics. Media kits can help those in the realm of influencer marketing stand out from other content creators and increase their chances of securing a sponsored brand partnership or a brand deal. They also provide a professional image of the influencer's brand and can help establish credibility in the brand’s eye.

How should I design my media kit?

Media kits should be visually appealing and consistent with your brand's aesthetics. Use high-quality images and graphics to impress brands with your influencer media kit. The HAFI kit creator uses a pre-determined media kit template to offer you an easy-to-use package.

Can I customize the information that goes into my creator media kit?

Yes, you can customize the information that goes into your influencer media kit to make it unique to your brand and audience. The information you include may vary depending on the type of content you create, your niche, and the platforms you use. Typically, a media kit for influencers includes information such as your bio, audience demographics, reach and engagement metrics (calculated with likes, comments, and other factors), previous brand partnerships (it serves as social proof), and contact information. You can choose to highlight specific achievements or metrics that are most relevant to your brand and audience. Certain information such as statistics relating to your audience demographics, location, and type, will not be customizable. Additionally, your Audience Quality Score, which is a proprietary metric we calculate using 15 metrics, is a strictly-calculated figure that can’t be changed manually. The media kit cover and the links shown in the media kit will be customizable for those with subscriptions to a Pro plan.

How often should I update my social media kit?

It's generally a good practice to update your influencer media kit regularly, especially when there are significant changes in your audience demographics and other metrics. This could be weekly, monthly, or quarterly depending on the rate of change on your social media accounts, but, if you see constant improvement, the more often the better.

Will my media kit be updated automatically?

Yes, if you use the media kit creator tool, your media kit will be updated automatically. This means that as your following and engagement metrics change, your social media kit is able to reflect these updates without requiring you to manually edit the information. Simply visit your media kit and select the ‘update’ option and the platform will input your most recent metrics and relevant information. This functionality applies to the Starter and Pro versions of HAFI – Free accounts will need to update their metrics manually.

How do I distribute my media kit?

You can distribute your creator media kit via email to potential partners, sponsors, or media outlets. Additionally, you can make it available by sharing it on your social networks for interested parties to access.

Do I need an influencer media kit if I'm just starting?

Even if you're just starting, research suggests that having an online media kit as part of your influencer’s kit can be beneficial. It showcases your professionalism and helps others understand your brand and influencer value better. Having a media kit for influencers at the ready from the get-go may boost your chances of collaboration with brands, as it shows them that you’re committed to increasing your online followers and influence. In addition, creating a media pack makes it easier to have something to show when they ask for statistics or examples of your work. Just make sure, to update it as you expand your achievements and portfolio.

Can I include my rates or pricing in the creator media kit?

Yes, you can include your rates or pricing in the media kit, especially as an influencer or content creator offering specific services. These are typically part of an influencer media kit template. However, some brands prefer to discuss pricing during direct negotiations and thus may have a different budget in mind compared to your standard pricing.

Should I create media kits for different purposes?

Depending on your personal brand, you may consider creating tailored social media kits for different purposes as part of your outreach strategy. For example, you could have one for potential sponsors, one for the media, and another for any potential collaborator. You can also create a kit for each platform you are active on. Your audience profile may differ significantly between Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Therefore, your YouTube media kit and your Instagram media kit can contain diverse audience demographics data. By customizing the media kit for influencer information you can make it more relevant to the specific audience you're targeting. Companies can identify what platform your content performs best on, and which platform their target audience is most likely to be on. HAFI offers the ability to create several media kits to keep on hand for this exact purpose.